The vibrating feeders

RNA technology

To guarantee the maximum quality of its products, Alivibro exclusively uses RNA (Rhein-Nadel Automation) vibrating bases, a German company that is market leader and known worldwide for its reliability and technology. The RNA bases dispense from 3,000 to 6,000 vibrations per minute, ensuring high performance and reduced timeframes than its competitors.


Entrusting to Alivibro means assuring vibrating feeders created specifically to your needs, with high performance of the market.

Complete automation solutions


Alivibro provides complete and efficient answers to the most complex needs of customers and it develops customized, integrated, and autonomous solutions, using the most modern techniques in the market today.

Alivibro owns an effective, reliable and affordable system, because it is able to support you completely, from design to development: in this way, it is much easier to intervene in case of problems, solving them quickly and with much less costs for the customer. It can provide both single pieces and complete systems, with a considerable advantage on cost and time, as well as on the proper functioning of the system.

Customization and special selections

at customer service

Alivibro is characterized by the maximum customization of the products supplied. The customer can order, for example, vibrating orientators tailored to their needs, being certain to receive a product of extreme quality and reliability.
The company provides fully customized industrial vibrators, able to process and manage more than one hundred products, although not identical to each other. Thanks to continuous research, the experience of the personnel, and at the cutting edge of technology of which is equipped, it has developed vibrating feeders able to organise different pieces, albeit of similar shape. More products made with only one vibrating base, to a considerable saving of time and resources.
The Alivibro vibrating bowl feeder drives can feed and point the pieces based on shape, colour and size, in a very precise way. By installing additional components such as cameras, fiber optics, sensors, laser, etc… the products control individual pieces based on form, colour, size, integrity.

Alivibro is synonymous with quality, reliability and technology, in the vibrating feeders’ sector. Write us now for more information!