Company history and philosophy

Ideas, innovation, quality

Alivibro s.r.l. is born in April 2007 by the joint brainchild of the current Director and Commercial Director who, sensing the market’s needs, have been surrounded with twenty years of technical experience, in order to develop high-quality innovative products in the feeders’ and industrial bowl feeder drive’ sector, with the vibration technique. The company’s name and the same logo express our philosophy; indeed, Alivibro combines its core business to the ability to ‘fly’ with ideas, ranging freely, without constraints, trying to always give new impulse to the development of the products.

Autonomous and performing work islands:

Alivibro satisfies every need

Alivibro is placed in the field of Mechatronics, and it is targeted specifically to those who seek quality products and extremely reliable for the sector of complex industrial automations, where downtime is detrimental and prohibitive.
The core business of Alivibro is indeed the design and construction of islands complete with feeder and bowl feeder drive, realized exclusively on the customer’s specific request.
Applying the most modern techniques of the field, our company does not focus only on production of feeders and basic bowl feeder drive, but it can provide performing and autonomous work islands, complete with controls and part of automation.
Over time, we have also developed complementary products such as additional feeders, conveyor belts, additional hoppers, supporting frames, etc …, all products exclusively on request.
Alivibro is able to meet various needs of customers, following them completely in their projects, from concept to the development of the automation system they need.

Why choosing us:

Reliability and technology

Alivibro is synonymous with quality, reliability and technology. Our customers are sure to buy autonomous work islands of feeder, bowl feeder drive and components’ control to be applied to their industrial automations, without worrying about the difficulty of construction and proper functioning.